We are a collection of businesses that believe in conserving the natural resources our planet has to offer.  Whether it’s protecting the birds and other wildlife, or investing in clean water for all people, our companies dedicate a portion of our time and resources to bettering the area around us.  By donating a portion of our revenue to non-profits that help the environment, we can do our part to protect the integrity of the place we call home.  “It’s for The Birds” is a metaphor because truly, it’s for all of us.  If something like the O-zone disappears, we’re all in trouble, not just the birds.

Local companies each select one member of their executive team to serve on our board.  We meet once every two weeks to discuss what we can do to better the environment.  We’ve donated money, we’ve volunteered at local service organizations, we’ve hosted fundraisers.  We always do better together than we ever could apart.  If you’d like to meet with other forward-thinking business owners who’ve got a knack for environmental protection, reach out to us by emailing Mary@its4thebirds.net.