We love our pets, and most of the time, we’d do anything for them. We named our latest dog Spot. He’s a young, excitable golden retriever with almost zero dog training under his belt. We had a nice wooden dog house built for him a few years ago, but a tornado came through Nashville and flung it over the fence and smashed it on the pavement. It was kind of strange for middle Tennessee, but weather can be unpredictable. Thankfully, Spot was at the store with us at the time. Ever since, he’s been sleeping at the foot of my bed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love this puppy. But, he’s always making noise and whimpering all night long. I can’t take it! So, I thought, why don’t I build a concrete slab outside then put a dog house on top of it? On Monday, I called a few local concrete companies in downtown Nashville to get quotes. According to www.concretecontractorsnashvilletn.net, concrete installation costs $3.00 per square foot in the area. Other concrete services were charging way more than that! Nashville Concrete Contractors came out Monday afternoon around 3:00 PM, leveled the ground, and laid 30 square feet of concrete. I gave it a couple days to set, then build a wooden dog house on top of it. Now, Spot has a nice doghouse to play in and he won’t keep me up at night. I’m also planning to install lighting and electric heating so he doesn’t get cold during the winter. The concrete was done with the kool decking (non-slip) material, so there’s certainly enough grip, but the surface does feel a bit cold. I’m working on fixing that.

New Concrete Slab for Dog House